Classes for Adults: Summer 2017 Edition!


Are you tired of the routine and looking to spice things up this summer? Try some of these classes!

    1. Skating Classes at Skate Frederick – Get acquainted with the basic skills of ice skating and learn  balance, forward stroking, stops, swizzles, and more!

    2. Woodworking at the Delaplaine – Multiple sessions throughout the summer will teach you how to make your own spatula, wood lamination, knives, bamboo birdhouse, Japanese lantern making and more!

    3. Dance Lessons at Dance Unlimited – Choose between Tap or Ballet to fill your evening.

    4. Hoop Dancing at Soolah Hoops  Learn how to Hula Hoop and other ways to dance using a hoop–you can drop in anytime until June 22nd at Dublin Roasters.

    5. Cooking Classes at the Kitchen Studio – Cook gourmet foods in these classes:  including using Flying Dog Beer for Father’s Day and a Sushi 101 class for adults!

    6. Beginner Rock Climbing by City of Frederick Recreation Go on some day-long excursions in the Frederick Watershed throughout the summer (and they provide all of the equipment!)

    7. Wild Food and Medicine Walk in the Watershed by City of Frederick Recreation – Be able to spot edible herbs in the wild with the staff at Fox Haven Organic Farm!

    8. Introductory Rappelling Class by City of Frederick Recreation  Day-long excursions learning how to properly rappel down boulders in the Watershed.

    9. Adult Foil by City of Frederick Recreation – Enhance your dueling skills and learn how to use a foil to fence!