Frederick Eagles Club

Have you heard of FOE?  It has been in Frederick for a long time, but if you’re new around here, you might not know what we’re talking about!

What is the FOE?

The Fraternal Order of the Eagles started as a way for competing theater owners to handle a musicians’ strike in Seattle, Washington. After they successfully resolved their issues, they formed an organization where they met in local theaters and once they took care of business, would relax and socialize. Once their numbers grew, they dubbed their organization “The Fraternal Order of the Eagles” with the bald eagle as their mascot. Nests for birds of prey are called “aeries,” hence the name of the building in which the FOE hold their meetings and events. Our local Frederick Aerie is number 1067.

When they began, a lot of members were actors, stagehands, and playwrights that carried the organization around with them as they toured across the US and Canada, but now, anyone can join the club!

What does an Eagle do?

A member of the Eagle’s club likes to socialize in their aerie, but also is involved with the community with charitable giving and government relations. The Eagles give back 100% of the contributions they receive in the form of grants. Historically, the organization as a whole as contributed to medical research as well as environmental efforts to save the Bald Eagle as well as the Golden Eagle from extinction. The Eagles also have historically supported legislation for workers, particularly for pensions, Social Security, Medicare, and Workmen’s Compensation.

The club also provides benefits to their members, including access to any of their social clubs which are located throughout the United States and Canada, their Eagle Village in Florida for migrating Eagles, as well as Memorial Foundation benefits which include education grants, medical benefits, dental benefits, and more.

So drop by and check out our local Aerie on 216 E Patrick St. Frederick, MD 21701, across the street from the Post Office!

To learn more, visit the Frederick Aerie’s Website as well as the Maryland FOE and National FOE.

Want to check out the Eagles Club for yourself? Enter our giveaway for 2 tickets to their 2017 Gun Bonanza on November 4th 2017! Enter by October 25th 2017.