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11 Things your Child’s Teacher Wants to Tell You


We at the Frederick County Guide love to support our teachers! Here are some suggestions from a former Elementary School Teacher to help you have the best relationship with all of your children’s teachers: 

Promote reading

Set aside time to read with younger children and encourage reading as a positive experience, not a chore. Let their developing minds scroll through the pages of a book, not through a Facebook feed.

Keep Toys at Home

Even if they say that they will only take it out at recess, please just leave the toys at home. Cute erasers shaped like cars and pens that make fun noises will end up in the teacher’s desk drawer or lost on the playground.

It’s OK to let your Child Struggle                                                      (AKA: We know when you do their homework.)

While helping with homework is always encouraged, it is important to let the teacher know that help was given. Teachers need to know if a student is struggling to help them develop problem-solving skills.

Donate School Supplies

Teachers spend an average of $500 out of pocket for school supplies every year. That set of 24 pencils you bought in August? Chewed down, lost, given to a friend, broken, left on the playground or sharpened down to a nub. Just sending in a pack of pencils or crayons halfway through the year is always highly appreciated (and often needed).

If you Talk About it at Home, We Hear About it

Whether it’s discussion around the TV or at the dinner table, teachers will probably hear about it. The younger the student, the less of a filter they seem to have. Keep that in mind if you decide to put on Game of Thrones when you think they are doing their homework in the other room.

Please Leave the Cake at Home

Most teachers will gladly help the birthday boy or girl pass out little goodies to their classmates on their birthday but, anything with icing will usually result in a sticky mess on tables, faces, hands, clothes and supplies. Always ask the teacher before bringing in celebratory snacks, as some students have food allergies. 

Label Everything

By the end of the semester, cardigans, shoes, winter coats, lunchboxes, MP3 players and more are stacked high into piles. That $60 coat from JCPenney? Unless it has a label on it, it will most likely end up in a donation bin once June comes.

Keep Open Communication

Always keep an open line of communication- whether through email or a phone call. Ask how they are doing in school, tell the teacher if they are struggling. Education requires the teacher and the guardian to work together.

Trust the Professional

Your child is going to act differently in a classroom of over 20 students than they do at home. Children lie, test limits, and learn how to develop appropriate social behaviors at school. If a teacher contacts you with a concern or problem, it is not out of an intention to single out your child. Teachers love their students and want to develop a positive relationship with you and your child.


Treat Education as a Positive Experience

School should be seen as a positive place for students. For many, it is a place where they will meet their closest friends, where they will learn to read, write, and find a subject they enjoy. Not every lesson in the classroom will be exciting, but it is important for students to know that a positive attitude towards learning goes a long way.


Write with an Update

Once a child leaves the classroom, they are still remembered. Send a letter or an email to a past teacher and let them know about how they are doing. There is nothing more amazing than being able to see a student continue to grow and flourish.


Still haven’t decided where to spend your 4th of July? Check out these spots that are having kid-friendly activities leading up to fireworks in the evening in and around Frederick County.

Frederick City : From concerts to bathtub races, rides and activities, including a mini petting zoo and candy canon in Baker Park, there is a little something for everyone to participate in. Activities start at noon on the 4th!

City of Hagerstown : The Hagerstown fairgrounds will be filled with food vendors as you wait for their 15,000 shell firework display in the evening. The park opens at 6:00 pm and they are offering shuttle services to Fairgrounds Park from the Central Parking Lot in town.

City of Gettysburg : Enjoy two concerts on Gettysburg College campus while eating tasty food, ice cream and kettle corn and drinking local beer, wine and hard cider! You’ll be able to view their fireworks at Gettysburg College and the Gettysburg National Military Park.



If you’re looking for a wonderful day trip for you and your family this summer, these museums, centers, and parks offer great children’s programs that are just as educational as they are fun.

Calvert Marine Museum : They offer a plethora of activities throughout the summer including Lighthouse Adventure Tours, Sunset Cruises, Summer Camps for Kids, Animal feeding and more!
Maryland Science Center : They have great Exhibits and workshops for kids throughout the summer. You could also watch a feature in their IMAX theater or sit in their planetarium!
 Fossil Hunting at Flag Ponds Park : Just one of the many things you can do for free at the park! This is perfect for a beach day for you and your family, and you can bring your dog too. They also offer classes throughout the summer at various Calvert County Parks.
B&O Railroad Museum : Take a train ride, join their Summer Reading Program, or bring your Toddler for Toddler Time on the third Thursday of each month!
American Visionary Art Museum : Don’t miss their Flicks from the Hill in Federal Hill and their great Summer Break Workshops! Their permanent collections and exhibitions are colorful and kids get into the museum for free.

Camps for Kids: Summer 2017 Edition!

Want your child to go to a camp that’s just as practical as it is fun? Check out these amazing camps all over Frederick!

  1. Kitchen Studio Cooking CampsCamps available for Kids and Teens that want to be able to cook! From the basics to cake baking and decorating, they’ll learn skills they can bring home!

  2. Urbana Riding ClubThey offer much more than horseback riding, like archery, a climbing wall, and ziplining all summer long!

  3. Snapology STEM CampThey offer a broad scope of camps, from Pokemania to Video Game Design. Most camps require a love of LEGO bricks, but not all!

  4. Frederick County Parks and Recreation Summer CampsThey offer a wide variety of camps for all ages throughout the summer. Categories include Sports & Games Camp, Eco-adventure Camp, Nature Camp, History Camp, Arts & Crafts camps, Dance camps, Science and Discovery camps, and more!

  5. Stu Vetter’s Basketball Camp Your child can learn basketball from one of the greatest High School Basketball Coaches of all time–Stu Vetter. Sometimes, NBA players even come visit!

  6. Fusion Fitness & Dance Summer CampOffering a variety of classes and programs for your kids, they offer simultaneous group fitness classes for adults, so you can get a workout in while your children are having fun!

  7. YMCA Day & Sleep-Away CampsThey have an incredible lineup of camps for all ages, all subjects, all conveniently in Frederick! (Unless your kids would like an excursion, then they offer camps that travel to D.C., amusement parks, and sporting events too.)

  8. Summer Specialty Camps by City of Frederick RecreationThe City of Frederick offers their incredible day-camps at the Talley Center and Whittier Rec. Center, but they offer a whole slew of specialty camps from Fairy Princess Dance Camp to a CSI Camp for our aspiring criminal investigators.

Classes for Adults: Summer 2017 Edition!


Are you tired of the routine and looking to spice things up this summer? Try some of these classes!

    1. Skating Classes at Skate Frederick – Get acquainted with the basic skills of ice skating and learn  balance, forward stroking, stops, swizzles, and more!

    2. Woodworking at the Delaplaine – Multiple sessions throughout the summer will teach you how to make your own spatula, wood lamination, knives, bamboo birdhouse, Japanese lantern making and more!

    3. Dance Lessons at Dance Unlimited – Choose between Tap or Ballet to fill your evening.

    4. Hoop Dancing at Soolah Hoops  Learn how to Hula Hoop and other ways to dance using a hoop–you can drop in anytime until June 22nd at Dublin Roasters.

    5. Cooking Classes at the Kitchen Studio – Cook gourmet foods in these classes:  including using Flying Dog Beer for Father’s Day and a Sushi 101 class for adults!

    6. Beginner Rock Climbing by City of Frederick Recreation Go on some day-long excursions in the Frederick Watershed throughout the summer (and they provide all of the equipment!)

    7. Wild Food and Medicine Walk in the Watershed by City of Frederick Recreation – Be able to spot edible herbs in the wild with the staff at Fox Haven Organic Farm!

    8. Introductory Rappelling Class by City of Frederick Recreation  Day-long excursions learning how to properly rappel down boulders in the Watershed.

    9. Adult Foil by City of Frederick Recreation – Enhance your dueling skills and learn how to use a foil to fence!